Trial Of Bush Honeysuckle

April 4, 2018


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The Old Courthouse St. Louis, Mo.

The Old Courthouse, in downtown St. Louis, is the site of landmark cases:

The trial will take place in the Rotunda of The Old Court House

After the trial more information & conversation will take place in the Southwest Courtroom.

Educational Purpose/Focus of Trial of Bush HS

Integration with the Interpretive Themes of Gateway Arch National Park


The rights and responsibilities of citizenship as symbolized by

the Old Courthouse as a crucible of change.

Educating adults and youth about our responsibility for decision-making and management

of historical, cultural, natural resources.

Ecological knowledge is needed to make responsible decisions.

Anticipating results of our actions, e.g. from importing plant species that could become invasive

such as Bush Honeysuckle has.

Integrating sustainability perspectives into decision-making and into information-gathering

that informs our decisions/actions.

The Judicial Process as a vehicle to communicate the many points around the issue

of Bush Honeysuckle having become an invasive plant.

Our roles as citizens in the court system

As Witnesses

As Jurors

To provide a venue for dialogue and civic engagement, empowering connections between significant historical events and possible solutions to issues in contemporary society.

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