World's Largest

Bush Honeysuckle Table

Bush Honeysuckle


Find out what you can do with Bush Honeysuckle, why it's such a problem &

      how to track it down...

So Act Now!  Don't Delay!  Supplies Are Unlimited!

Think About




& Workshops

A project to increase awareness about the invasive problem of Bush Honeysuckle

by making furniture out of it.

Creating pieces of furniture is a Bonus when one removes a honeysuckle bush. Making something positive out of a negative!

How often do you get to make your own individual piece of furniture?

Links to a variety

of resources

A video on the destruction

of native habitat by

invasive Bush Honeysuckle

on YouTube

Think About Tables

Workshop Information

Find Out About Invasive Plants

Missouri Botanical Garden

Think About Tables

Instuctional Video

Basic info for making a table size, tools & a how to brochure

Think About Tables

Furniture Photos

How To Remove Bush Honeysuckle

'Diggin' Up That Honeysuckle'

Composed & Performed by

Gloria Attoun

Mosquitos , West Nile Virus

& Bush Honeysuckle